Net Present Value (NPV) Calculator

Please type your values in the Net Present Value Calculator. The cash flow for each year (in the second entry box) should be separated by a comma. Example is included below.

Initial Investment (Absolute Value): Cash Flow Each Year (Separated by Comma): Discount Rate (%):

Using the Net Present Value (NPV) Calculator - Example

Let's suppose that you have an opportunity to invest in a project where:

  • The initial investment is $1300
  • The project is expected to generate:
    • $500 in year-1
    • $750 in year-2
    • $800 in year-3
  • The discount rate is 7%

What is the NPV of the project? Should you then invest?

You can find the NPV of the project by typing the following values in the Net Present Value Calculator:

Net Present Value (NPV) Calculator

Once you're done entering the values, click on the Calculate NPV button and you'll get the NPV of 475.407:

NPV Calculator

Since the NPV is positive, you should consider to invest in the project.